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About Us


Miss 22 Quties is a non-profit organization created by Tammy Rose. Founder and Executive Director of Miss 22 Quties, Rose debuted the organization in the summer of 2011 with an event like no other, a beauty pageant for young women with special needs.

our approach

Rose is a mother to five women, two of whom have special needs. Alicia, her 2nd youngest daughter was born with a genetic disorder classified as 22q11.2 deletion, also known as DiGeorge syndrome. This syndrome is caused by the deletion of a small segment of chromosome 22. It affects fewer than 200,000 people in the US each year.

our story

Megan, Rose’s youngest daughter has an intellectual disability, considered very common and affecting more than three million people in the US each year.

Rose created the pageant for Megan and named it after Alicia’s 22Q deletion syndrome to raise awareness. The pageant was also created as a place to to give her two youngest daughters a place to step outside their comfort zone, meet new friends and show off their talents. The pageant provides young men with special needs a place to participate as well.

Young men assist by escorting the participants across the stage throughout the pageant. The pageant, which began with 10 participants, two escorts and 30 attendees has grown to host up to 25 participants, and over 300 attendees. Miss 22 Quties is poised to inspire more young women with a message of hope and possibility each year.

In the community, Miss 22 Quties aims to educate and interact with as many people as possible, making appearances in many places around Pittsburgh. Miss 22 Quties has been featured on “Proud to be from Pittsburgh,” a local news program designed to highlight people who are doing good in Pittsburgh communities. Additionally, several Miss 22 Quties Pageant participants are an integral part of the North Allegheny High School Fashion Club’s Annual Fashion Show. Pageant participants are required to participate in fundraising events which consist of annual food sales and The Victory Church Annual Car Cruise. During community events and pageant practice, the participants develop irreplaceable relational and professional skills, while gaining self confidence. It is truly a wonder to watch the girls cheer for each other.

With this spirit, Miss 22 Quties has big goals! Participants travel from all corners of the Western Pennsylvania region to participate in this pageant. Envision four pageants across Pennsylvania, then one in Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland. Then a pageant in every state; Miss 22 Quties has a dream of expansion and acceptance. Every young woman needs a place to shine. Boasting a unique combination of benefits, The Miss 22 Quties Special Needs Beauty Pageant is THAT place. Somewhere to shine, to learn and develop skills, express yourself and most of all, build friendships and confidence.

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