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This is the tenth annual Miss 22 Quties Special Needs Beauty Pageant, a pageant designed to showcase the talents and beauty of young women who have not always had a place to do so. Miss 22 Quties was started in 2011 as an opportunity to give my daughter the ability to step outside of her comfort zone and perform on stage while being treated like the princess she is. It also created a platform to raise awareness of my other daughter’s syndrome called 22q deletion. This is how Miss 22 Quties got its name. Miss 22 Quties strives to build friendships and instill confidence in youth and young adults with special needs.


The five “Crown Points” of this pageant represent the heart of the Miss 22 Quties’ mission and pageant experience.

The Crown Points are:

Confidence: A commitment to instilling hope and poise.

Character: A commitment to celebrating the uniqueness of each young woman.

Creativity: A commitment to valuing the unique talents and gifts of each young woman.

Contribution: A commitment to cultivating a heart for service and volunteerism.

Community: A commitment to fostering an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance.

Each participant is strengthened in these five areas while enjoying the camaraderie of their peers and finding fulfillment as they refine their personal and professional abilities. Being a part of Miss 22 Quties helps young women to cultivate lasting friendships, gain experience through service opportunities, and have fun participating in special events. Miss 22 Quties has returned after a 3-year hiatus, we are back to celebrate our 10th year. Once again, Miss 22 Quties is the recipient of the benefit run from Ingomar Middle School in the North Allegheny School District. Thank you, Ingomar Middle School, for your continued support and generosity. Miss 22 Quties has been fortunate enough to receive the crown sponsorship from UPMC Health Plan. We want to thank UPMC Health Plan for their generosity and support they have given to Miss 22 Quties.  We look forward to what this year has in store for us.

I, along with the Board of Directors, thank you for being here today and for supporting our young adults as they perform for you.


With Sincere Thanks,

Tammy Rose

Executive Director

Tammy Rose

a letter from the executive director




schedule of events



“Starting Now” Featuring the reigning Miss 22 Qutie, Gillian Chapman

            Performed by all contestants



“National Anthem” Sung by Kortnee Bond


“Cha Cha Slide” Dance Performed by Anniyah Redwood


“Can’t Fight the Moonlight” Sung by Dorothy Mae Thornton


“Move” Dance Performed by Megan DiBitetetto


“Part of Your World” Sung by Rachael Spielman


“True to Your Heart” Dance Performed by Syler Corona


“My Heart Will Go On” Sung by Allysha DiBitetetto


“Surf’s Up” Dance Performed by Emily DiBitetetto


“First” Sung by Ashley Spielman


“Hoedown Throwdown” Dance Performed by Kiara Martin


“I’m Not Perfect” Performed by Marabeth Capenos-Stiffler


“Lean on Me” Sung by Jessica Cross


“Can’t Stop the Feeling” Dance Performed by Kendra Frey


“This is My Fight Song” Sung by Alicia Rose and accompanied by Kory Antonacci


“Descendants Mix” Performed by Sara Whipkey


“Jar of Hearts” Sung by KashmirPaige Capenos-Paolucci


“Never Enough” Performed by Jaimie Tindell


“Comedy Routine” Performed by Abby Kreke


“Como La Flor” Sung by Megan Aversa


“Make a Man Out of You” Performed by Grace Deeter


“Part of Your World” Sung by Lucy Patterson


“Disney Melody” Performed by Jasmine McCracken


“This is Me” Sung by Alyssa Stell


“Till the World Ends” Performed by Gillian Chapman



Girls escorted onstage by our handsome escorts, where the judges will ask them predetermined questions.



“Fly Me to the Moon” Sung by Xavier Allen

“The Girl is Mine” Sung by Xavier Allen and Joe Hnath



Written and Read by Megan Aversa





“The Way You Look Tonight” Performed by Joe Hnath




2019 Miss 22 Quties Winner

Gillian graduated from Moniteau High School in May 2023. She will be attending Butler County Community College in the fall where she will be studying Early Childhood Education. I Gillian was on the basketball, competitive cheerleading, dance, and drill teams. She is part of the National Honor Society, and Creepers & Crawlers. She is inspired by Taylor Swift because Taylor’s music has inspired her to never give up on her dreams and never let the haters bother her. She is truly Gillian’s idol.



Allysha “Ally” is a very quiet young lady, but when she is with her friends can be quite silly. Although she is very shy, Ally will warm up to you as she gets to know you. She likes to dance, go bowling, and to the movies. Ally loves to play with her Barbies. Her favorite thing to do is style hair, both on her Barbies and her sisters. She would love to style your hair if you’d let her! Ally watches tutorials on YouTube, to learn how to do all sorts of different styles, and she is really quite good! She loves hotdogs and would eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with ketchup, of course! And don’t forget the french fries!



Ashley is a 2020 graduate of Seneca Valley High School where she worked at various Community Based Vocational Training (CBVT) jobs to help get her ready for the workforce. Her favorites included both McDonald’s, the Library at Slippery Rock University, The Raider Roast, and The Smoothie Shop at school. She loves musical theater, so her work at the Strand Theater and Strand Box Office & Café were big hits. Ashley has recently worked at a local grocery store bagging groceries & collecting carts. Her future job goals include stocking shelves or working in a restaurant. Ashley has always been inspired by and mentored by her uncle Mason with his kind and motivating words for her. He has always been there for her with his advice and loves to tell her - "You have it in you"! She loves encouraging others the same way and making other people smile!!



This is Grace's fourth year participating in Miss 22 Quties and she is beyond excited to be here. Grace recently turned 21 and thinks it's so funny she can now take a sip of her mom's strawberry margarita. This year Grace participated in the City Connections transition program and got her first paid work experience at UPMC doing office work. Grace had a wonderful experience playing on North Allegheny's bocce team this year and was a natural player, scoring lots of points in the season. One of Grace's biggest accomplishments this past year was participating in the Special Olympics Winter Games in downhill skiing and bringing home the Gold! Grace has also started horseback riding lessons and loves taking her horse, Pumpkin, on the trails. She also is learning golf and her handicap is improving. Grace continues to dance hip hop and her dance team got a standing ovation at the dance recital this year. Grace's inspiration continues to be her sister who pushes her to try new things, is always there to help her with a project, braid her hair and paint her nails, and is her biggest cheerleader. Grace's greatest enjoyment has always been spending time with her family, be it Sunday dinners, boating on the river, or sleepovers at grandma’s where the hugs are endless.



Jessica is a 2018 graduate of Steel Valley High School. She enjoys attending Woodlands Foundation camps and Best Buddies. Jessica loves music and singing. She performed in many concerts in her high school, where she was involved in choir and felt it was her destiny to become a singer. Singing is always her favorite thing to do in life because it helps her to forget about everything. She doesn't need to be rich or famous, she just wants to sing and perform for everyone. 



Kiara lives in Clarion PA. She is currently working in the food industry at the local McDonald’s. Her favorite part of working at McDonald’s is taking food orders and running the register, which is something that she challenged herself with. She has learned other tasks at McDonald’s so she can fill in where needed. Kiara’s hobbies include dancing, playing on the computer, talking with friends, and cooking, but she really loves to bake. She would love to attend an adult cake decorating class at her local vocational school in the fall to improve her skills.



Marabeth is a graduate of Agora Cyber Charter School. She loves to sing, act and dance in both plays and musicals. Marabeth has performed on multiple stages, during dinner theater, and in virtual productions. Her performance at Penn State in April 2023 was her 28th production. Her favorite role was playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Besides drama, Marabeth studies a Korean martial art called Hapkido. She plays Miracle League Baseball in Blair County. She swims and plays bocce ball with Special Olympics. Marabeth loves to cook! She has celiac disease and diabetes, so her diet is very limited. She had to learn to cook gluten-free foods and how to keep her food from becoming contaminated by gluten. Marabeth enjoys sewing with a sewing machine. Her latest creation was a beautiful pink skirt. Before COVID, Marabeth taught music classes for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Marabeth hopes to be able to safely teach again someday.


rachael spielman, 26

Rachael is a 2018 graduate of Seneca Valley High School and enjoys music, attending musical theatre performances, dancing, singing (and cleaning!!). She has been both a participant and later a volunteer "buddy" for the Miracle League Baseball program and loves working with children. Her current employment goal is to work at Cranberry Cinemas so she can clean up the theaters during work time and enjoy scary movies on her off time. Rachael has learned to use technology (like phone apps & videos) to help her find a way around her learning & reading disabilities. She loves following Rachael Ray’s recipes and being able to make entire meals on her own (in 30 mins or less). Rachael is inspired by her grandpa, Gary Mason, whose favorite motivational saying to her is "You can do it"!



Abigail “Abby: is a rising senior at Seneca Valley High School. She also attends the Butler County Area Vocational-Technical School as a member of their Culinary Arts program. After high school, she plans to attend the Hiram G. Andrews Center and participate in their Culinary Arts Program. Abby enjoys cooking, camping, being outdoors, running, listening to audiobooks, attending the teen program at our church, hanging out with her best friends, and working out with her dad. Along with her dad, she ran her first 5k in June. She is a movie buff and enjoys spending time looking up trivia about her favorite movies. Abby has two sisters, a dog, and a cat.



Alyssa is from the Penn-Trafford area. She is a rising senior in high school and is looking forward to her luau-themed graduation party next summer. She is excited to be participating in her very first pageant. Alyssa moved to the Pittsburgh area in 2015, but she loves her home state of Texas and insists she is a cowgirl at heart. To become more like her favorite singer, Taylor Swift, Alyssa just started taking guitar lessons in January and is eager to share her new talent with you tonight. She enjoys most outdoor activities, including swimming, amusement parks, and camping with her family. What she loves the most though is spending time with her pit bull, Darla Boo.



Dorothy Mae Alexis is a beautiful young woman. She has been with the pageant since she was 16. Her mom saw girls with special needs in a church parking lot having fun and wanted to know what was happening. Dorothy Mae is very glad the pageant is back, so the girls can reunite with old friends, make new friends, and welcome them to the family. She works at Giant Eagle in Hermitage and attends The Purple Cat in Boardman, OH, a place for adults with special needs to continue to learn about life. Dorothy Mae is making friends and learning to live an adult life. The pageant allows these girls to come together and escape the anger in the world. Today, the world needs more amazing people like her



Jaimie graduated from New Horizons in 2020. She enjoys making fudge and baking cookies with her mom and is looking forward to a new kitchen in a new house to bake even more goodies. Jaimie loves lip-syncing to music, improv dancing, watching movies on Netflix, and playing video games. Jaimie loves art, painting, and doing crafts. She loves shopping all year and buying gifts for her "Dad/PaPa". Jaimie is very proud of her brothers: Garrett is a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corp., and Clayton is in Medical school to become a doctor; she also has two sisters in college. She enjoys eating out at Napa Prime with her sister Mckenna. Little known fact, she had a neck fusion and full hip replacement but does not allow her physical and verbal limitations to get her down. Jaimie keeps trying, especially when things become difficult. She has a Can-Do attitude and plays through the pain without complaints. Jaimie is a thoughtful and considerate person who shows great compassion for others. She helped open a shelter for flood victims as a volunteer with the American Red Cross in Waynesville, Missouri. Jaimie proves someone with limitations can help others too. 



KashmirPaige graduated with honors from Agora Cyber Charter School and plans to study Special Education. She is a great athlete! She plays defense for an ice hockey team and plays in tournaments all over the East Coast. KashmirPaige competes with Special Olympics in many sports - Flag Football, Soccer, Downhill Skiing, Floor Hockey, Swimming, Tennis, and Golf. She studies a Korean martial art called Hapkido. She plays Miracle League baseball and she rows a scull boat with Three Rivers Rowing. Besides athletics, KashmirPaige is an actress, singer, and dancer who has performed in 24 productions. Her favorite roles include Annie from Annie, Genie from Aladdin, and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. KashmirPaige attended The PEAL Center's Leadership Academy. She participates in statewide committees and advocates for better mental health services. Most recently, KashmirPaige was accepted to Penn State World Campus and will start classes in the fall. She is very excited about this announcement.



Kortnee is currently a student at Riverside High School. She receives programming from Beaver County Rehabilitation Center in the School-to-Work Program. Kortnee was selected in 2022 to sing the National Anthem for Beaver County Special Olympics’ opening ceremony and sang it for Riverside High School's graduation ceremony. She has volunteered at the Way Station, the local Food Bank, and Victory Family Church, where she attends the New Castle Campus. Kortnee also helped complete her school's first Life Skills Apartment through demo work and a monetary donation. Kortnee loves to sing and shine her light for Jesus.



Megan enjoys performing. She has been performing since she was five years old when she started dancing. She still loves to sing and dance and is looking forward to taking acting classes in the fall. Megan hopes to become an actress someday. She enjoys movies, video games, playing with her dog, Pumpkin, and hanging out with her family and friends. Today Megan will be performing Como La Flor by Selena. And remember, the impossible is always possible.


sara whipkey, 16

Sara attends North Allegheny High School and is a rising sophomore in the Life Skills class. She loves school and enjoys being around her friends. She loves to dance and get dressed up. Sara participated in a cooking class at school and loves to cook and bake! She is the youngest of four children and adores her siblings. She also has a dog named Willow. She loves to swim, color and watch shows on her iPad. She is a member of the Best Buddies organization at school and also enjoys cheering on the cheer abilities team for Cheer Athletics. She is frequently seen cheering her siblings on at their athletic events. Sara had her first trip away from home at Camp Parc. They had all of Sara's favorite things swimming, crafts, campfires, and dancing. She can't wait to go back again this summer.



Alicia is a mentor/leader for her Self-Advocacy Voices group. She enjoys being a part of the group and mentoring other young people. She has participated in the Three Rivers Art Festival displaying her art projects that were created at the Woodlands Foundation. Alicia stays busy creating cards, cups, and canvases from designs she makes on her Circuit machine and displays them on social media as Alicia’s Artistic Abilities. She attends Creative Citizens Studios to help her gain confidence in art and step outside of her comfort zone by learning different techniques. Alicia is growing her talent and falling deeper in love with art. 



Anniyah Laurice attends The Day School of the Children’s Institute, and they are providing her with awesome educational and vocational experiences. Anniyah assists senior citizens at the Jewish Community Center and the Veterans Association. She does household chores at the Family House and helps pack boxes and bags for the needy at the Salvation Army in Homestead. Anniyah is very active in her church, the Whole Truth Church of God in Christ, Donora, PA. She attends Sunday School, participates in the flag ministry, and plays the drums. Anniyah enjoys watching music videos, pre-recorded church videos, hanging out with friends, and regular visits to the nail and beauty salon. She is currently in training with her support animal, a German shepherd, she has named Baby. Anniyah also has a bichon frise named Sugar. In her free time, Anniyah is involved with the Friendship Circle in Squirrel Hill, The Woodlands, Special Olympics, and the South Hills Stars Special Needs Color Guard. Anniyah, our social butterfly, is living her best life and enjoying every moment. Family and friends are so proud of her and are excited about what the future holds for her.



Emily is very bright, very very silly, and outgoing! She loves to dance, go bowling, and go to the movies with her friends. Emily enjoys Barbies and plays with them all the time. You can always find her doing her Barbies’ and her sisters’ hair just like her big sister Ally. She watches tutorials on YouTube to find new styles. She’s very good at it and will spend hours making it just right. She loves to watch music videos and listen to her favorite bands. She loves to dance around the house and give hugs to her sisters and her Mommy. She is always making silly faces and goofing off. Emily loves people and even though she’s a little shy at first, it doesn’t take long for her to warm up. She adores dressing up but she also loves jeans and T-shirts. 



Jasmine likes to play guitar in her free time. Her hobbies include: drawing, singing, and playing the piano. She's attending Lifesteps and she helps at a coffee shop on Thursdays. Jasmine likes to babysit her niece.



Kendra is looking forward to participating in Miss 22 Quties again. She likes to dance, sing and perform on stage. Kendra received a certification for makeup application and business instructions via online trainings through Easter Seals. Blushington Academy was thrilled to welcome Kendra as the first person in Pennsylvania with special needs to have completed the online course. With a lot of dedication and practice, Kendra accomplished this achievement. She has improved her daily living skills while keeping herself busy pursuing several interests. Kendra loves showing her creativity attending weekly ceramic classes. Throughout the year Kendra has participated in various activities with ANR and PACC. She wants to continue going to the YMCA and just signed up for Planet Fitness to continue her healthier journey.



Lucia “Lucy” Bella is a hardworking student at Ingomar Middle School who just completed seventh grade. She has many passions, some of which include singing her favorite show tunes, spending time with horses, visiting with dolphins whenever she gets the chance, and being with her family. She enjoys snuggling with her dog Easton, playing Lego STAR WARS on the Xbox with her brother Ryan, or practicing her roping skills in the backyard. Recently she has been learning to play the piano and ice skate. Lucy enjoys attending youth group and weekly Bible study at her church where she is surrounded by a community of friends that feel like family. Her hope is to one day live on a farm and own her horse. She would also like to become a horse trainer. Lucy deeply loves her friends and family and she is an overcomer. Her name means Beautiful Light, which is exactly what she is to everyone who knows her.


megan DIBiTETtO, 22

Megan is very active in her day program. She loves to hang out with her friends going to the movies and bowling. Megan also loves spending time with her family, especially watching America’s Got Talent with her mother. She is always happy and loves to meet new people. Megan is very outgoing and likes to try new things. She has never met a stranger. She is very close with her sisters who are also in the pageant. Megan loves to read and write in her journal. She also enjoys writing cards and doing crafts for her grandmother. Megan loves to love and to be loved!


syler corona, 21

Syler is a very happy and outgoing young lady that is very busy with school, work, and volunteering in the community. She has an amazing ability to demonstrate kindness to everyone she meets, everywhere she goes, all of the time. She was awarded "Miss Congeniality" in the 2019 Miss 22 Quties pageant. She is a Super Senior at North Allegheny Senior High School. She belongs to the Best Buddies program in her school and had some amazing buddies that she enjoys spending time with, in and out of school. Syler volunteers several days a week at Cumberland Crossing, where she spends time with residents and prepares the dining area for lunch. She also volunteers at Mt. Alvernia Preschool, where she assists 4-year-old Preschoolers. She enjoys both of these places a lot. Recently, she started to work weekends at her local Giant Eagle store. Syler loves this job and looks forward to interacting with the customers there. She enjoys making the customers happy and she tries to do a good job. Syler loves hanging out with her family, friends, and her 2 Labrador Retrievers in her spare time.

Image by Greg Rosenke

2023 Panel of Judges



Samantha (Sami) Roth is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Point Park University where she obtained a BFA in Acting and a Minor in Dance. Since receiving her degree, she has performed in professional theatre across the East Coast. Some credits include, resident choreography at French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, a principal role in Bright Star Touring Theatre’s National Holiday Tour, and dancing in Primestage Theatre’s production of A Wrinkle in Time. She also has multiple film credits, including a featured part in “Drive Away Dolls” coming to Netflix in the Fall.


Currently, Sami is the new head of dance at Batavia Music Studios in Pittsburgh. Outside of acting, Sami is currently Miss White Rose City for the Miss America system. Competing since the age of 6 in pageants, she has received local, state, and national titles. Because of her many hours of volunteering in pageantry, Sami is an 8 time presidential pin recipient and was awarded the Jr. Women of Achievement Award in 2018. Her community service initiative “Girl Boss Boxes” has accumulated thousands of essential products for women in need.


Darlene leone

Darlene earned her B.S. and M. Ed. in Speech Pathology and Audiology from Indiana University of PA.  She received her Supervisor of Special Education Certificate from the University of Pittsburgh.

Darlene spent 40 years serving students and families at Westmoreland IU, Western PA School for the Blind, The Watson Institute, and Katherine Dean Tillotson School, before retiring as the Assistant Director of Special Education at the Seneca Valley School District.

Darlene is enjoying her retirement spending time with her grandchildren.  When she’s not in active Nana-mode, Darlene can be found reading a book on a beach with her husband by her side.

alaina barlock

Alaina Barlock (Miss Teen International 2023) is a 16 year old rising senior in high school. Recently crowned Miss Teen International 2023, she advocates for rising above bullying, and providing tools on overcoming hardships through classrooms, her social media, website, and blog.


She plans on continuing her platform on an international level, along with showing what it takes to be a strong and confident leader to all girls around the world. Embracing our authenticity and personal confidence is her personal message, and will continue to inspire others to do the same.

Melanie (stringhill) patterson

MELANIE (STRINGHILL) PATTERSON is a former Mrs. Pennsylvania who went on to win the title of MRS. UNITED STATES (crowned in Las Vegas) in 1993. Melanie spent many years as a kindergarten teacher and soon after the birth of her son Cody in 1995 she became a successful inventor & local manufacturer of a patented baby product called “PIBS-The Disposable Bib on a Roll”. In 1999 her product was sold online and in 2000 made it to the shelves of Giant Eagle Stores and the summer of 2001 her product was accepted for a 6 month trial in Walmart stores nationwide and can be found currently online at “Hard to Find Brands”.com

Melanie received a B.S. in Elementary & Early Childhood Education; and a M. Ed. With certification as a Reading Specialist from California University of Pennsylvania and has taught for nearly two decades in both public and private elementary schools. As a teacher Melanie created & developed her own Early Intervention Program with federal funds enabling at risk Kindergarten students to achieve early success with a firm educational & development foundation for the Trinity Area and Steel Valley School Districts.

Currently, Melanie is the owner and proprietress of “The Good OL’ Days House” & “The Happy Days Hideaway for Two”. These are 2 unique destination vacation rentals located in North Belle Vernon that guests from all over the United States and Canada have enjoyed. Melanie has become a passionate & experienced entrepreneur focused on historical & cultural preservation, hospitality and tourism. Dedicated to delivering the highest quality service to guests, while honing a love of the past & knowledge base of America’s mid-century culture Melanie has found a creative niche not met in the travel & hospitality industry today. It is a real ‘time machine’ house that has been in her family since 1949 and allows its guests the opportunity to experience a piece of the past with family & friends in the privacy of a home. A real ‘home’ away from home that takes you on a sentimental journey and as Carol King used to sing – “it’s yesterday once more” at The Good Ol’ Days House.

Melanie also is a CCD Teacher of First Graders at St. Sebastian Catholic Church where she is also a Lector and Eucharistic minister for the sick in her parish; also involved in many other business, community and philanthropic projects in the Mid Mon Valley and Tri-County region. Melanie has judged many pageants over the years and enjoys working with young ladies and helping them discover their God given talents & blessings; and letting them smile & shine. She believes that in order to succeed in life you need 3 things: a backbone, a wishbone, and a funny bone too!

Mike sherry

In 2003 Mike Sherry had a first-hand opportunity to view a Miracle League field in use in Alabama. Paired with buddies, Miracle League team members are children who have various special needs. As he watched these children play, laugh and cheer – he knew he was watching something very special.


In January 2007 Sherry’s daughter Jordan was diagnosed with Autism at the age of three. A few months later, in 2007 Sherry coached his 7-year-old son Tanner’s baseball team. A parent asked the Cranberry Township Athletic Association if they could make an exception for her son so that he could hit off of a tee, since he had a disability. Sherry became inspired by the question, and felt that no parent should ever have to ask that question. Though he and the other coaches in the league were willing to make the exception for the little boy, Sherry wondered why there wasn't a place where exceptions didn’t need to be granted.


He thought about the Miracle League he watched a couple of years ago. Inspired, Sherry and his wife Chris where determined to make sure that children using wheel chairs, crutches and walkers could round the bases of a base ball field just like any other child.


“That’s when all of the memories of the past cam rushing back and I realized I needed to build a field --- a Miracle League field,” Sherry said.


A resident of Cranberry Township. He and his wife, Chris, didn’t know if Jordan would need a special exception should she share Tanner’s love of baseball, but they are glad to know she’ll have the opportunity to play if she desires to do so.


In 2007 Sherry approached Cranberry Township officials, and they agreed to dedicate space in the new Graham Park for development of a Miracle League field.


“The need for this field is not only based on the number of kids in Cranberry and Butler County that have special needs, but all of the kids in southwestern Pennsylvania,” Sherry said. “So many times, throughout these kids’ lives they are told no. Well, we’re here to say – yes. Yes, you can.”


“We cannot change or cure the medical issues life has dealt our children. But what we can do is provide them with an opportunity to experience the joy and benefits that come from playing baseball,” Sherry said.


The Miracle League of Southwestern PA opened for play in 2009. That season we had 130 players. In 2019, we had over 400 players and 360 volunteers. Since 2009 and in partnership with Pirates Charities. Miracle League baseball fields have opened in Murrysville, Upper St. Clair, Moon Township, Wheeling, WV, Bradenton, FL. And of Course, Indiana, PA!


Sherry said there is a quote he likes to reference that sums up all that the Miracle League encompasses – “What matters in this life is more than winning for ourselves. What matters in this life is helping others win, even if it means slowing down and changing our course.”



For more information about the Miracle League of Southwestern PA, please visit

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for donating his photography services.

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Aliana and Megan, for assisting in teaching the girls
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Profiles Styling Salon for creating the girls’ hairstyles.

Ayla Zimmerman, Ursula Bresnei, Jayne Aulicino and
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Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop for donating food for
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Joey, from Lenzner Coach USA, for donating their party bus to bring the girls to the event.

To all of our many volunteers who have donated their time to help these lovely ladies.

To all of our parents for sharing their beautiful young adults with us.

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This pageant would not be possible without the love and support from the staff and dream team members of

Victory Family Church.


In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that

they may see your good works and give glory to your

Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 5:16


Pastor John and Michelle Nuzzo for proving a welcoming place for those that may not otherwise have a place of acceptance.  Also having confidence in the next generation that you put your whole heart into the children and the ministry that serves them.


Harrison Gaines for all of your support and dedication in helping this pageant run smoothly.


Stephanie Malec for creating our amazing logo, creating our tickets and signs, and most importantly for being flexible and understanding with EVERYTHING we send your way.


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notes from qutie families